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STP9100 Portable

The STP9100 hand-portable combines extreme ruggedness, powerful audio and RF with a streamlined user interface. It is aimed at users who need a high specification, reliable radio, but typically need only to adjust the volume, send status messages and change talkgroups.

Sepura has added “haptic” technology to the STP9100. Haptics produce a physical movement of the radio, felt through the hand, which confirms to gloved users that the key press has been successful. In addition, the “Twist and Zoom” feature uses smartphone technology to allow a portrait image to be zoomed to full-screen size, allowing the user to see full detail of an image, such as a missing person, as they rotate the radio. The feature also enables access to details concerning the image.

Available in both 380-430 MHz and 407-473 MHz bands, the STP9100 series is destined to become the hand-portable of choice for users operating in a variety of challenging environments and demanding a high performance, robust product.

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