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STP8100 Portable

The STP8100 Portable combines ruggedness and high performance with a streamlined user interface. The radio has been specifically designed to provide easy access to the features of the radio with the minimum of key presses. It is aimed at users who typically need little more than to adjust volume, select and send Status Messages and change their Talk Group.

The RF Power is fully customisable up to 1.8 Watts in TMO, DMO and as a DMO Repeater, delivering reliable communications when most needed, extending coverage beyond the reach of typical hand-portable radios. The largest front-facing loudspeaker available in a TETRA hand-portable provides powerful, clear audio and alerting even in the noisiest environments.

The STP8100 boasts a comprehensive set of features including optional GPS and Man-Down functionality, both improving user safety, efficiency and reducing operational costs.

Download STP8100 Datasheet

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