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Sepura is the leading supplier of TETRA terminals. Incorporated in 2002, employing over 300 people, many of whom have up to 30 years’ experience of the PMR market. Sepura’s global team of account managers and support engineers is complemented by a network of over 100 channel partners – among them local distributors, global systems integrators and TETRA network suppliers.

Sepura is a global leader in TETRA digital radio products. They deliver mission-critical communications to customers in the public safety, military, transport, utilities and commercial sectors. Sepura offers one of the broadest ranges of standard and specialist radio products, support tools and accessories, combined with unrivalled local customer care and support. With more than 45% market share, Sepura are at the forefront of TETRA innovation and have achieved many industry ‘firsts’. Sepura is committed to driving the continued development of TETRA and of the broader Personal Mobile Radio (PMR) market.

Sepura’s industry-leading terminals are designed to make life safer and easier for users. They operate on all TETRA communication infrastructures and are certified for use on all major public safety networks around the world.

Key features of Sepura radios include:

  • A common, multilingual user interface to minimise training
  • The most powerful mobile radio gateways (10 Watt) to significantly extend the working range
  • Ultra-sensitive GPS functionality to locate users even in built-up environments
  • A revolutionary ‘man down’ sensor to increase the safety of solo operations
  • Automated set up and configuration management tools to reduce cost of ownership
  • End-to-end encryption hardware ready for the highest security

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STP9000 Portable

The brand new Sepura STP9000 is a truly innovative series of TETRA hand-portable radios, designed for users who want the best. It inherits all the market-leading attributes of the existing flagship STP8000 series, but fuses them with a new generation of highly innovative features which will be attractive to a broad range of end-users. Just …

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STP9100 Portable

The STP9100 hand-portable combines extreme ruggedness, powerful audio and RF with a streamlined user interface. It is aimed at users who need a high specification, reliable radio, but typically need only to adjust the volume, send status messages and change talkgroups. Sepura has added “haptic” technology to the STP9100. Haptics produce a physical movement of the radio, …

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STP9200 Portable

The STP9200 is a key element of Sepura’s flagship STP9000 series. It is an entry level TETRA radio which offers the essential features that users require; extreme ruggedness, powerful audio and RF, marine hardening and simplicity of use. The STP9200 provides an enhanced user interface, uniquely offering three different presentation styles, which users can select …

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STP8X ATEX Portable

STP8X INTRINSICALLY-SAFE PORTABLES  The two radios in the STP8X series form the foundation of Sepura’s market-leading portfolio of Intrinsically-Safe (IS) TETRA solutions. Comprising full-keypad and reduced-keypad variants, the series offers an impressive array of features and benefits and a full range of accessories. Combined with the fact that both variants meet the highly demanding v6 of …

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STP8000 Portable

The STP8000 TETRA radio is a high performance, rugged hand-portable designed to be worn on the belt, but flexible enough to be worn elsewhere on the body. The STP8000 has been designed to perform in the most physically challenging environments. It offers the reassurance of continued operation irrespective of the knocks and drops of operational …

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STP8100 Portable

The STP8100 Portable combines ruggedness and high performance with a streamlined user interface. The radio has been specifically designed to provide easy access to the features of the radio with the minimum of key presses. It is aimed at users who typically need little more than to adjust volume, select and send Status Messages and …

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STP8200 Portable

Sepura’s STP8200 Portable combines ruggedness and high performance with a streamlined user interface. The STP8200 has been designed to offer a cost beneficial solution to a cross section of users, ranging from traditional voice only PMR, right through to those who require enhanced personal safety and information security. Eight customisable feature activation keys support rapid …

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SRG3900 Mobile

  Sepura’s SRG3900 is the latest generation of the proven SRG3000 Series mobile radio and includes support for both the Sepura Colour Console (SCC) with hi-colour user interface and for “hot swappable” front connected accessories. The SRG3900 is a fully featured TETRA mobile that is hardware ready to support Direct Mode Gateway, Direct Mode Repeater, …

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