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Data Management Server (DMS)

The Data Management Server (DMS) connects field users to control room operators by providing connectivity between mobile devices and backend infrastructure, such as command & control systems, legacy IT, databases, Intranets and web-based applications.

DMS is a multi-bearer platform allowing information access over TETRA, LTE and commercial wireless technologies. The product supports all major TETRA vendor networks and terminals, making information rapidly available to the point of need.

DMS fulfils the receipt, transfer, management and storage of complete two-way information between the field & back-office. All types of information are accessible from all sources in the field and control room; this enables appropriate transfer of video, images, location and textual information to relevant users and applications, including the Portalify IAC product.

As a mature and resilient product that has been successfully deployed in the field on both nationwide and regional scale across many countries since 2003, DMS-based solutions currently support several hundreds of thousands of users.

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