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PortalifyPortalify provides end-to-end solutions for comprehensive mobile working. These include completely integrated field force and control room applications for empowering professional users in public safety, security, transport and other markets. Organisations are able to benefit from increased efficiency & safety, reduced cost and enhanced communications.

Portalify has been successfully deploying nationwide and regional solutions across numerous geographical territories following company establishment in 2000. Many nations have benefited from countrywide installations, for example, Belgium, Finland, Romania, Abu Dhabi etc, with several tens of thousands of users per deployment in the average case.

Head-quartered in Helsinki, Finland, Portalify is an independent growing and AAA rated company.

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Data Management Server (DMS)

The Data Management Server (DMS) connects field users to control room operators by providing connectivity between mobile devices and backend infrastructure, such as command & control systems, legacy IT, databases, Intranets and web-based applications. DMS is a multi-bearer platform allowing information access over TETRA, LTE and commercial wireless technologies. The product supports all major TETRA vendor …

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Intergrated Application Console (IAC)

The Integrated Applications Console (IAC) consists of a suite of integrated applications taking full advantage of real-time information available from the field and back-office, including video, picture, location and textual information delivered and managed by the Portalify DMS product. IAC is used for comprehensive command & control and consists of highly configurable application modules for: …

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Image Message

Image Messaging

Portalify image messaging solutions can be successfully used for many critical incidents, for example, to: Deliver a photo of a missing child to police officers nearest to where the child was reported missing to dramatically increase the likelihood of finding quickly. Alert control room staff of an incident on a train caught on camera, allowing …

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Mobile Database

Query Solutions

Portalify query solutions allow mobile workers quick and easy access to multiple back-end systems, intranets and databases. Imagine your field personnel being able to quickly check whatever information they need without entering or calling the office. Imagine them automatically receiving information to enhance their current work activities, whenever they need it. Imagine the boosting effect …

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Resourse Location

Location Solution

Portalify provides Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) and Automatic Person Location (APL) systems and other applications based on GPS accuracy. Integrated automatic resource location solutions generate large-scale cost savings and efficiencies in field force management. In addition to keeping track of people and vehicles, such solutions assist decision-making and optimise the dispatch process within mission critical …

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Task Manager

Task Management Solution

Portalify’s mission critical task dispatch and scheduling solution. Succeed with complete two-way data operations between control room and field using revolutionary task management solutions from Portalify: Allocate, manage & dispatch jobs to the right front-line staff and view the current task status in real-time. Perform rapid intervention in emergency response situations and optimize workflows during …

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