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The TMO-100 is a state-of-the-art TETRA data communication device. It contains a class 3 (3 Watt) TETRA modem, two serial interfaces (RS-232, or RS-485/RS-422), an Ethernet port, voice interface, power supply, and optional built-in or external digital and analog I/O.

These unique features are combined with the ability to use a secondary control channel, an SDS length of up to 2047 bits, Packet Data and Multi Slot Packet Data and automatic PPP link set up if enabled. Multiple protocols, such as Modbus, Modbus/IP, DNP3, DNP3/IP, ROC, BSAP, PakBus, Sinaut, IEC60870-5-101 and -104 and others, in combination with automatic LZ77 data compression, make the TMO-100 the ideal solution for any industrial application.

Download TMO-100 Datasheet

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