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For more than 30 years, IHM has delivered communication systems for public safety services, coastal radio stations and utilities for the demanding Scandinavian market – and has attained a solid experience and expertise.

IHM are accustomed to the fact that much is at stake, often life and limbs. And IHM know the importance of functioning communication in critical situations.

IHM bring all this experience and expertise into their products and can thus provide their customers with the highest possible assurance the communications solution will work.

IHM also provides products for other software companies and system integrators. You have the projects; IHM have the elements you need.

The IHM communications platform includes both hardware and software which integrates into radio and telephony systems such as:

  • GSM
  • LMR
  • IP-telephony

IHM partners receive an accessible interface that makes it possible for them to deliver advanced solutions without having detailed knowledge of the various technologies.


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Status Panel

Transmission of fixed text messages (SDS) or status messages can normally be send by using the mobile radios programmable keys or most commonly using menu’s. With IHM Status Panel it is possible to transmit an SDS or a status message only by pushing one button. After having send the status message the button will remain …

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