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Damm Cellular Systems is a leader in digital professional mobile radio communications in both single and multi- node networks. We focus exclusively on developing TETRA based professional mobile radio (PMR) communications. Designed for all users from small to large scale industries and mission critical operations, Damm’s unique TetraFlex® system offers the simplest, most user friendly, flexible and cost effective TETRA infrastructure on the market.

TetraFlex® is 100% based on IP technology, which connects site controller, base stations, dispatchers, network management, logging and voice and text data recording facilities – as well as external gateways in a secure state-of-the-art infrastructure.

DAMM is the preferred supplier of TETRA infrastructure to a wide range of industrial, commercial and public safety customers, including military organisations, manufacturing sites, airports, power plants, transportation, oil & gas, seaports, civil protection, police, ambulance services and many more.

At DAMM, everything we do is deeply rooted in two main values that shape both our products and our business: simplicity and flexibility. These values are channelled into advanced solutions that have a strong reputation of being easy to deploy and expand.

The same philosophy applies to our ability as a company to develop TETRA products that constantly push the boundaries of radio communication, as an important link in virtually any business process.

Our strength within innovation is based on our skill at reading the market, spotting trends and learning from our partners and customers. This knowledge is transferred to our final product that lifts user friendliness, scalability and cost efficiency into a league of its own. To this we add ‘the secret ingredient’ of being able to anticipate new demands, by introducing innovative features that expand our customers’ possibilities even further.

None of this would be possible without a highly professional and ambitious team, which members are passionate about reducing complexity and helping our customers and partners achieve the maximum value of their investment.

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TetraFlex® Outdoor System

The TetraFlex® Outdoor System is the most user-friendly, flexible and cost-effective TETRA infrastructure system available. With its high reliability and unique design it is the ideal solution for mission critical communications, even in the harshest environments. Full network flexibility The TetraFlex® system is scalable and can handle from small single site solutions with local coverage …

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TetraFlex® Indoor System

Full network flexibility The TetraFlex® system is scalable and can handle from one site solutions with local coverage to large-scale multisite solutions, using any combination of outdoor and indoor TetraFlex® base stations. Together with the intelligent TetraFlex® software, simple and smooth site expansion is possible, even while in operation. The 100% IP-based technology provides full …

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Network Management

  TetraFlex® Network Management provides a user friendly and highly flexible tool for management, supervision and optimisation of the TetraFlex® Network. Reliable and effective Network Management The unique graphical TetraFlex® Network Management (NM) system gives you easy access to configuration and surveillance of the entire network. With the NM you can at any time ensure …

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TetraFlex® Dispatcher

  The TetraFlex® Dispatcher provides features for increased efficiency in organizations managing a fleet of subscribers with the needs of command, control and monitoring of radio communications. Simplicity With simplicity as the key for all products developed by DAMM, the TetraFlex® Dispatcher is exclusively tailored to the TetraFlex® Infrastructure system allowing you to be instantly …

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TetraFlex® Voice and Data Management

Developed exclusively for the TetraFlex® Network the TetraFlex® Voice and Data Management instantly provides comprehensive and accurate voice- and data recording facilities, as well as a wide range of logging facilities for Call Data Records (CDR). The TetraFlex® Voice and Data Management consists of two parts: the TetraFlex® Log Server for recording and storage of …

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Rapid Deployable TetraFlex®

  DAMM’s Rapid Deployable TetraFlex® (RDT) solution has been specially designed for first-responder emergency and security services. Housed in a tough wheeled suitcase for maximum mobility, RDT offers a fully functional high-powered TETRA communication system that can be instantly deployed in any situation. Powerful TETRA communications on demand DAMM’s Rapid Deployable TetraFlex® (RDT) solution is …

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Group Bridge

The TetraFlex® Group Bridge enables you to perform group calls between any independent TETRA or analogue networks, creating valuable interoperability between many different systems. Total communications flexibility TetraFlex® Group Bridge is a highly flexible solution. It can be used to perform group calls between independent networks, from one TetraFlex® TETRA network to any other TETRA …

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Field Mobile TetraFlex®

DAMM’s Field Mobile TetraFlex® (FMT) solution is a fully functional two-carrier TETRA communication system. Housed in a 19″ modular rack, it has been specifically designed for field deployable solutions. Its convenient size and form factor mean that it can be easily built-in to trucks, cars, containers or other mobile units. Rapid deployment in even the …

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TetraFlex® Reference

DAMM’s TetraFlex® Solutions have been deployed for a wide range of projects within different sectors. Please find a selection of systems provided by our worldwide network of partners below, or contact GMG Solutions to learn more about how we can meet your specific communication needs. Public Safety references. Read more… Transport references. Read more… Utilities …

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